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No Tangles Spray 125ml

No Tangles Spray 125ml

Pure Pets
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Professionally formulated PurePets® No Tangles Spray is Anti-Static and Silicone free Detangler. Untangles Knots and Mats.

Will not leave the coat oily or greasy, lets your brush glide through the coat.

“No Tangles Spray” ensures an easy grooming process. Prevents static charge on the fur and helps with scissoring.

Contains Conditioners and VitB3 to help maintain the coat.


  • Dual action product, it detangles and conditions
  • Cosmetic grade ingredients
  • Paraben and silicon free
  • Contains Vitamin B3

How to Use

  1. Spray required amount evenly onto the coat or tail. Aids in combing or brushing of knotty and tangled coat, mane / tail.
  2. Can spray all over and brush through as a leave in Conditioner.