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Himalayan Salt Lick Block - 1kg

Himalayan Salt Lick Block - 1kg

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Himalayan Rock Salt Lick with Rope: Nature's Mineral Elixir for Happy Livestock

Pure Mineral Delight: 100% Natural Himalayan Rock Salt

A Gift from the Himalayas

Indulge your horses and livestock in the purest form of mineral goodness with our Himalayan Rock Salt Lick. Sourced directly from the heart of the Himalayas, this natural salt lick is an exquisite blend of essential minerals. Your animals deserve the best, and nature has provided it in the form of these pristine salt crystals.

Convenient and Versatile: Essential Minerals Anytime, Anywhere

Hang, Lick, and Thrive

Make mineral supplementation a breeze with the convenient rope attachment. Hang the salt lick effortlessly in the paddock or stable, allowing your animals to enjoy it at their leisure. Whether it's a horse, cow, or any other livestock, provide them with the freedom to access essential minerals whenever they need, ensuring their well-being all year round.

Options to Suit Every Need: Choose Your Size

Tailored for Your Livestock

Our Himalayan Rock Salt Lick is available in three sizes: 1KG, 3KG, or 5KG. Tailor your purchase based on the needs of your livestock. Whether you have a single horse or a larger herd, these varying sizes ensure you can provide the perfect mineral supplement to keep every animal happy, healthy, and thriving.