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Leather Showmanship/Halter Lead
Leather Showmanship/Halter Lead

Leather Showmanship/Halter Lead

Perri's Leather
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Achieve the soft, flexible, broken-in leather feeling without the work, sweat and oil! 

With Perri's Western Professional line, each expertly developed product comes off the shelf already broken-in and ready to use. The secret is their proprietary harness leather, developed just for Perri's by Wicket & Craig using a special blend of waxes, oils and tallows. The result is a pliable, supple leather that is ready to use from the start! 

Each piece is handcrafted in the USA.

Key Features:

  • 7'6" long with 30" Stainless Steel Chain
  • Double-stitched for durability
  • Made in the USA