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Glycerine Leather Soap

Glycerine Leather Soap

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Glycerine Leather Soap is a premium quality soap for use on all fine leather goods, including saddles, bridles, harness and boots. Made with a high glycerine content which ensures all grime and dirt is removed easily while softening the leather and preventing it from drying out. All in one simple application!

Equinade Glycerine Leather Soap is easy and quick to use. Simply apply with a damp cloth and work in evenly. Finish by buffing with a clean dry cloth. Once the leather is clean and dry, nourish and protect it with an application of Equinade Leather Dressing to protect and preserve all leather goods.


  • Apply with a damp warm cloth & work in evenly.
  • Buff excess off with a clean dry cloth.
  • Once leather is clean, it can be further nourished with an Equinade Neatsfoot Oil and water proofed with Equinade Leather Dressing.