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Royal Blue Nylon Superhalter
Royal Blue Nylon Superhalter

Royal Blue Nylon Superhalter

Perri's Leather
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  • These halters are made to last. 
  • Each halter is hand crafted in the USA using heavy, top quality nylon webbing, soft-edged hardware, including a convenient snap at the throat and an adjustable chin for the absolute perfect fit. 
  • Perri's designed this halter to be light and flexible without being flimsy by using a nylon that isn't just sturdy, but also incredibly soft. This means you can count on this halter for years to come and rest assured that they kept your horse's comfort in mind.
  • This halter is also available with a custom engraved plate HERE.
  • Other sizes and colours are available to pre-order HERE.
  • NOTE: The colours shown are more vibrant in real life.