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Donnybrook Equine
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  • Specifically formulated to be used on a damaged hoof. Can be used for:
    • Nourishing damaged hoof cells
    • Ideal to apply to severe cracking
    • Filling minor sand cracks, missing hoof and nail holes
    • Providing a barrier on the hoof wall, frog, sole and heel
    • Ideal for the treatment of abscess
    • Cosmetic application when showing
  • Colour: Neutral or Black
  • Size: Individual 40g stick

How to use

  • Ensure the hoof and damage area is clean and dry (if not, dry with a cloth).
  • Mould a layer of the Hoofstik agains the hoof where the damage has occurred. Coverage only needs to be a thin layer to be effective.
  • Only re-apply when you can no longer feel any Hoofstik withn the crack (approx - every third day)