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Crack Repair Pack
Crack Repair Pack
Crack Repair Pack
Crack Repair Pack

Crack Repair Pack

Donnybrook Equine
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  • Designed to nourish deep within the keratin cells of the hoof. Reduces the potential for stressing and cracking to appear in the outer wall layer. Ideal for treating vertical cracking, sand/minor cracking or brittle hooves.


  • Specifically formulated to be used on a damage hoof. Can be used for:
    • Nourishing damaged hoof cells
    • Filling cracks, missing hoof and nail holes
    • Providing a barrier on the hoof wall, frog, sole and heel
    • Cosmetic application when showing
  • Instructions for use are included.

Regular Pack - Crack Repair 500ml, Hoofstick 40g

Bonus Pack - Crack Repair 1 Litre, 2 x Hoofstik 40g

 Vertical Cracking

  • There are cracks that run in a vertical line from the base of the hoof and usually follow the direction of the keratin tubules. These vertical cracks most often occur in the area of the toe.
  • Possible Causes
    • Imbalance in the hoof confirmation, often flares
    • Brittleness causing the cell bonds to breakdown
    • Poor nutrition
    • Fungal Infections and excess moisture
    • Very dry, scaly hooves
    • Wounds, scars, genetics
  • Treatment - Firstly seek professional advice from your farrier/trimmer, in relation to possible causes or other underlying issues. Secondly use a good quality hoof oil once a day for a week, than 3-4 times a week there after to provide the hoof with nutrients to feed the damaged cells and help them repair. This will encourage healthy hoof growth and in time with correct trimming or shoeing the cracks will grow down and out, not up towards the coronet band where permanent damage may result. You can fill any large cracks with a hoofstik, this will create a breathable barrier protecting the cracks from environmental debris entering.